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When you land in the user experience field, the question you have to answer for the rest of your



Since I enrolled in the UX Design course at Career Foundry, friends, family and everyone else I meet ask me the same question: "what is user experience design?". Even when talking with clients

or recruiters, sooner or later in the conversation we arrive at the same question.

I like this answer.

"Every time you feel frustrated or angry when you use an app or a product, this means behind there

is a bad user experience design.

UX concerns the whole system of values, emotions and attitudes we experience when we interact with a company, its services, and its products.

If the product gives us what we expect, if it is easy to use, pleasant and enjoyable, we get a good

experience and we will want to continue to using it. If we get a bad experience we will most likely

change to a competitor. Quiet simply, humans want to repeat their good experiences and avoid their

bad ones. For businesses this is the difference between being successful or losing clients and money.

As a UX designer, I am driven by a passion to design apps that are simple, intuitive and that help users to reach their goals and satisfy their needs in a trouble-free manner"

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